sexta-feira, 23 de julho de 2021

Whenever you join a "religion", the common sense you embrace as the truth, trusting others without seeing it for yourself, is in fact a common pride and cowardice and laziness. People do that mainly for acceptance, because, if you see things the way others see, you'll please them and the bond will be estabilished, but certainly not by Wisdom. Fear of judgment is another reason that leads one down the road of false unity.

Everyone wants to have themselves associated with the first disciples of the Weirdo, everyone wants to be seen as primitive, but it's not that easy, because that joining also means separating yourself, a delusion of "saintly" false self. Many of them will even call you a weirdo, believing it to be a bad thing, saying that you are the way you are because of sin or a psychiatric condition.

I've made a good use of my free will so far; it was people with that kind of mindset who have been wishing me hell and trying to kill me. I could have chosen a future without any trouble, but enemies being enemies push me infinitely further than being "friends". Only cowards choose to stand still instead of moving on to avoid being at odds with others.

The "human" condition is darkness.

They cannot comprehend weirdness because there is no light in them.

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